BOY NEXT DOOR Who? Online Video Call Fansign Event

BOY NEXT DOOR Who? Online Video Call Fansign Event

You’re invited to the exciting BOY NEXT DOOR [Who?l] Video Call Fansign!


※ 1 winner will be chosen per member

※ Date: To be decided


Entering is simple! Follow the steps below for your chance to win!

※ Your information for the raffle cannot be changed after you submit them. Please make sure your information (KakaoTalk ID, date of birth, email address, contact information, etc.) is correct and free of error. We are not responsible for damages caused by incorrect information submitted by you.

You can enter the event manually HERE.

Buy the event album here at Retrograde Store and enter the raffle event on HERE with your order number.

You need to provide the following personal information in order to enter the event.

- The member you want to meet

- Name (The person who is entering the raffle)

- Date of birth (YYYYMMDD format, 8 digits)

- KakaoTalk ID

- Valid mobile phone number

You must manually enter the event on HERE in order to participate in the raffle event.

The number of albums you ordered on our website (not the number of orders you placed) during the event period will be counted automatically to let you enter the raffle the same number of times. For album sets, the total number of albums included in the sets will be counted toward the raffle entries.


※ 100% of the album sales on Retrograde Shop count for Hanteo Chart and Circle Chart.

※ This event is subject to change and cancellation without prior notice.

※ Detailed directions for the video call fansign will be posted later in the raffle winner announcement.


EVENT ENDS MAY 28th at 11:59 PM EST

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